The love lives of fruit flies

Research may yield valuable insights into addiction disorders and depression

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Hitchhiking his way to better drug delivery

Samir Mitragotri harnesses blood cells to help nanoparticles cross biological barriers

The Harvard-Yenching Library

140 years, 1.4 million volumes, and the most comprehensive collection for East Asian studies in the Western world

Easing the way for students to ‘do’ science

LabXchange is a new virtual community designed to bring concepts to life



Mindfulness research probes depression benefits

Gaelle Desbordes, a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital and instructor in radiology at Harvard Medical School, is probing mindfulness meditation’s effect on depression.

“Sing Out, March On” at Harvard Commencement

Joshuah Campbell '16 and Harvard friends perform “Sing Out, March On”—a powerful tribute to John Lewis, Harvard's Commencement speaker.

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Gallery of Harvard scenes puts accent on red

Harvard and crimson are synonymous. But all over campus, brighter shades of red abound, too.

Crossing biological barriers for better drug delivery

Researchers set out to develop a system that could help prevent nanoparticles from being cleared from the blood before they get to their target tissues. …

Lauren Groff on Florida as a state of mind

The Gazette spoke with fiction writer and Radcliffe fellow Lauren Groff about subversive prose, mothers and children, and crafting a vivid sense of place.

Harvard hosts workshop for leaders in malaria fight

Harvard Business School hosted a weeklong leadership workshop supporting global efforts to eradicate malaria.

News from Around Harvard

4 Ways Leaders Can Protect Their Time and Empower Their Teams

It’s OK not to be available all the time.

An insider’s guide to a hospital stay

No one wants to be have to go to a hospital, but there are times when it’s unavoidable. …

Alienation Proves Fertile State of Mind for Lauren Groff

Fiction writer and 2018-19 Radcliffe fellow on the dread, glory, and urgency behind ‘Florida’The fiction writer and 2018–2019 Radcliffe fellow talks to the Harvard Gazette on the dread, glory, …

How to Build Trust When Working Across Borders

Your personal credibility is your greatest asset.

To See the Future of Competition, Look at Netflix

The three big strategy lessons from the company’s success.

Avi Selk eulogizes the long life and too-soon death of Spider 16, and what she taught us

EDITOR’S NOTE: Writing about science and animals (creatures?) can be challenging. It is essential to get it right. It is also essential to make it accessible. …

Written Senior Perspectives - Spencer Kiehm, Wrestling

In August of 2014 when I first stepped onto Harvard’s campus, I was both excited to be in a completely new environment over 5,000 miles away from home (Honolulu, HI) and terrified by the daunting …